Karisa Price recently graduated from Brigham Young University in Art Education with a K-12 single subject art credential. An artist herself, she has dabbled in many art forms including ceramics, drawing, painting, and graphic design, while honing her photography skills. Most recently as well she has explored the potential of video and installation as tools for her artistic vision. As a great supporter of community arts programs, galleries and museums, she has worked in planning and hanging exhibitions of her work and others, as well as worked work various art galleries and institutions like the BYU Museum of Art. She is currently living in the greater Sacramento area, where she grew up.

Karisa' interests are many and diverse. She is always on the go and working on her latest project. Her interests include rock climbing, gluten-free cooking (she is celiac), crafting, photography, film, gardening, playing her cello, hiking, yoga, and dreaming.