Thursday, April 30, 2009

Second Saturday

Though I live in Provo, my real love is for Sacramento, my hometown. Sacramento hosts an incredible (and popular) art walk every second Saturday of the month. I used to go religiously, and would often take my camera with me. Second Saturday was always the best time to meet and see interesting people, great art, and have a great time in the city. I documented the people and the events of the Second Saturdays I attended.

I think frequently attending local galleries is one of the best ways to be inspired and to network with other artists. It also provides an excellent photo journalism opportunity. Ask yourself what are other artists doing around me? Well, here's the best way to find out. Attend your art walk. Don't like in a bubble, people! Seeing actual art hung in a gallery does not compare to the alternatives. It's essential to appreciate art.

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  1. you've got some cool photos here! and the images really reflect the title.